Our Team

Judy Tollerfield

Company Director

Judy started the Express brand back in 1990 with her late husband, Martyn. As time went by Judy employed two managers to help her run the business. In 2015 an opportunity to take over the Air Products ageny was presented, which the company grabbed with both hands and hasn’t looked back since.

Gary Knight

General Manager

Gary joined the Express brand in 2008, his previous experience within the hire market has been an excellent advantage to to the business growing the customer base. Along side Andy, the daily running of the gas business including customer orders is now second nature to Gary.

Andy George

Sales Manager

Andy joined the management team in 2014. Andy had been working with Gary in various business roles since 1999, Along side Gary from 2015 Andy has taken a massive role in Express Gases, from marketing to increasing the product lines and stock control Andy has a great understanding of the business.


Senior Gas Delivery Driver (ADR)

Barry has been delivering industrial gas cylinders for a long time, with previous experience including Calor Gas and the former Air Products agent. When the Express team took over the Air Products agency they insisted on Barry coming with it. So since 2015 Barry has been the man who can with gas. We have introduced additional cylinders and increased the delivery area that is covered and Barry nearly doesnt need a sat nav.


ADR Trained Delivery Driver

Steve’s main position is within Express Hire but always happy to give assistance to Barry or cover for holidays.


ADR Trained Delivery Driver

Richard is fully trained to deliver the gas products, his main role is within Express Hire.


ADR Trained Delivery Driver

Godfrey’s main role is with Express Hire, he is fully trained to help and assist with the gases.


Business Development Manager

Sam has joined our team during the summer of 2020 to help the management team to drive the business even further. Sam has taken to the business really well and already has a great understanding of the industrial and leisure gas cylinders.

Is this you?

Gas Supervisor

We are looking for someone to join the team in 2022. This role will be to manage the day to day running of the gas division. The role is taking the calls and internet orders and process them. You will be helping Barry prep his loads and manage the stock. Based at the Hurn site, You will be offering all day collections on our Air Products, Calor Gas, Adams Gas, Hobbyweld Gas and Fuel in the Box units. send your cv and coving letter to [email protected]