Calor Gas 5kg Patio cylinder

Suitable as BBQ gas for barbecues with 3 burners or less & table-top patio heaters.


Calor Gas 5kg Patio cylinder

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With enough gas to fuel up to 14 BBQs*, our 5kg Patio (propane) gas bottle is the perfect choice for powering your small BBQ or table-top heater. The cylinder is designed to be easy to carry and convenient to store; and each one is fitted with our innovative Gas Trac® indicator which lets you know when you're running low. 

How do I connect this bottle?

If you’re new to using gas bottles, don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you. [Watch Video]

Do I need anything to use this bottle with my BBQ?

Universal BBQ Kits are available to order via our online store.

What is a Cylinder Refill Agreement?

Our Cylinder Refill Agreement is where we supply you with a gas bottle; you can cancel this agreement at any time by returning the bottle to us and receiving up to 70% refund. See the Cylinder Refill Agreement for full details.

Which regulator do I need?

Our handy guide can help to explain all you need to know.

* Based on a 3 burner BBQ with side burner burning at full power (10kw or 0.72kg/h) using a 5kg patio gas cylinder for 30 minutes each time. The number of BBQs depends on the length of time barbecuing and the number of burners used each time.

Product Code 210051
Manufacturer Calor
Cylinder Type Patio Gas
Cylinder Usage BBQs, Patio Heaters, Camping
Cylinder Colour Green
Capacity 5kg
Gas Trac Yes
Height / Diameter 390mm / 300mm
Tare Weight (empty) 9 - 10kg
Gross Weight (full) 15 - 17kg
Rec. Offtake (approx.) 10Kw

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