Engine Oil 10w/40 Semi Synthetic 20 Litre

20 Litres of 10w/40 Engine Oil in a pre-packaged sealed bag-in-box. Unscrew the lid, add the pouring spout and add to your oil tank. For Bulk Purchases please contact the sales office


Engine Oil 10w/40 Semi Synthetic 20 Litre

Product Description:

10W/40 Semi Synthetic is a specially formulated semi-synthetic engine oil meeting stringent European performance specifications for turbo charged and naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engines working under normal and arduous conditions.


• Excellent High and Low Temperature Performance
• High Temperature Protection against Ring Sticking
• High Levels of Engine Cleanliness
• Ensured Oil Performance and Reduced Consumption
• Improved Fuel Efficiency
• Long-Lasting Dispersant and Anti-Wear Performance
• Good Corrosion Protection
• Low Emissions