Engine Oil 15w/40 20 Litre

20 Litres of 15w/40 Engine Oil in a pre-packaged sealed bag-in-box. Unscrew the lid, add the pouring spout and add to your oil tank. For Bulk Purchases please contact the sales office


Engine Oil 15w/40 20 Litre

Product Description:

ENGINE OIL HDX 15W-40 is an extra high performance universal engine oil designed for high loaded diesel engines in light- and heavy commercial vehicles working under severe operating conditions through the whole year for use in Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5 engines equipped with EGR and/or SCR. This product is not suitable for vehicles equipped with DPF filters.


ENGINE OIL HDX 15W-40 is formulated with high refined solvent mineral stock in combination with a special additive package to reach the following properties:
• Excellent thermal- and oxidation stability.
• High anti-foam, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
• Excellent protection against Bore Polishing.
• Extended drain intervals.