Hydraulic Oil 20L 46 Grade

We stock two different lines of hydraulic oil. Either Hydraulic 32 Grade or Hydraulic 46 Grade 20 Litres of Hydraulic Oil in a pre-packaged sealed bag-in-box. Unscrew the lid, add the pouring spout and add to your oil tank. For Bulk Purchases please contact the sales office 


Hydraulic Oil 20L 46 Grade


A range of premium grade mineral based hydraulic oils with good anti-wear properties providing protection in the most demanding of systems. They are rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibited.

Additionally, they contain an effective anti-foam additive to control foam and facilitate the rapid release of entrained air, therefore maximising hydraulic system efficiency.


Recommended for both Industrial and off highway hydraulic systems. Other applications include:

machining centre headstocks, centralised lubrication systems, suspension units, tipping gear, jacks, PTOs to name just a few